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You would like to see your assets in competent hands. We take your concerns seriously and offer reliable answers based on our years of experience in wealth management and investment advice. Independent since the company was founded in 2000; we are totally free when it comes
to developing your personal investment strategy. Farsighted decisions have to be taken before investments in globalised markets can be crowned by success. Decide on us so that we can decide for you.
Be demanding of us. After all, the quality of an investment strategy does not only depend on the profitability and safety of the portfolio – just as important is the degree to which it fits your personal situation and your needs. We will administer your assets responsibly and competently. We
know that they represent your life’s work. Only those who are familiar with the whole spectrum of wealth management and financial advice will be able to tailor an investment strategy which fits your needs and to implement it professionally, enabling you to reach your goals.
As our client you are at the centre of our services. That’s why we listen closely to you – at all times and not just during our introductory meetings. We tailor our advice to your individual wishes and targets. We avoid unnecessary risks and monitor all market trends. You can rely on the expertise of an experienced international team and on a regular contact
who will keep you up to date with the latest developments concerning your personal portfolio. This creates additional transparency when it comes to your investment strategy and enables you to monitor its success continually.
Who would you like to consult when it comes to difficult questions? We don’t just see ourselves as neutral experts, but as good partners. In the true sense of the word “conservative” we are therefore not just asset administrators but asset preservers. This is the motto of our highly qualified and committed team, experienced in private banking and
asset management and led by senior business consultants and banking experts. Whether you are looking for careful analysis and individual advice, flexible implementation or thorough control, we will have the right consultant and partner for all questions of investment.
Sit back and relax. You will only be able to do this once you know that your financial affairs are well managed and in competent hands, with a reputable asset manager trusted by investors all over Europe. As a member of the organisation of independent asset managers Maiestas Asset
Management AG is committed to observing all legal and professional principles and guidelines. Continuous training keeps our services at the highest level. Performance you can trust.

You set the parameters

We see ourselves as your personal partner in all matters of wealth management and investment advice. You determine the scope of any services provided, starting with the initial analysis and further advice through to the implementation and control of your strategies and transactions. Depending on your personal circumstances we are able to offer further services such as financial planning, tax optimisation, estate planning und risk analysis.

We will listen to you

Your wishes and goals form the foundation and the starting point of any advice we give. On this basis we will develop an individual strategy, the success of which will be checked continually. Our team is always there for you and happy to take care of all the details. You will have a regular contact who will keep you up-to-date with all the latest information. When it comes to our investment strategy and to our way of working we follow a conservative approach. Where appropriate, however, we will also employ more innovative elements. It goes without saying that we observe ethical principles such as discretion and quality, professional guidelines as well as legal requirements.

Independence ensures scope for creativity – both for you and for us

The Maiestas AG team has for some years now, been successfully active in the areas of asset management and investment advice. We are an international group of financial experts with wide-ranging backgrounds. We benefit from this pool of experience and apply this for your benefit – with competence and discretion.

We cooperate as an independent company with a variety of international financial services providers and are, therefore, free in the choice of investment products. As your neutral partner, and in close cooperation with you, we will develop an investment strategy, which is tailor-made for your needs.

You are the centre of our attention. We will listen to you, take your concerns seriously and supply reliable answers – as your personal financial expert with your interests at heart.

It is our task to combine and realise your targets and wishes.

We are here for you

The Maiestas team is made up of experienced business consultants and banking experts. Their previous years of experience in international investment and private banking and wealth management, strongly complement these leading personalities.

Our team has built-up considerable know-how, not just when it comes to giving due care and attention to handling sensitive data and information, but also in the area of financial analysis. Changes in international markets are closely monitored by our staff, ensuring the professional implementation of your strategy.

The Management board is closely involved with and controls all conceptual and financial decisions concerning Maiestas AG as a whole. It also advises the Executive Board.

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Maiestas Asset Management AG, Vaduz
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